31 июл. 2015 г.

Day 30
Day 30
Today's experiment:

Everybody needs some time to stay alone. Being alone we can concentrate on our mind frequency and hear our inner voice. Only staying alone you can think about what you exactly want and need without feeling influenced or pushed or talked into. Only staying alone you can adjust yourself to some indescribable cosmic energy source inside you.

It doesn't matter now if you believe in the theory of cosmic energy or not, what your religious beliefs are, try to find your way of meditation. Meditation is the way to return to yourself, speak to yourself, realize your needs and desires, renew the energy stores, and, who knows, maybe to let the Universe know of what you want to have in your life.

Meditation is not something vague, odd and incomprehensible, and not necessarily connected with oriental practices. There are many westernized techniques, besides you may modify any of them to make you feel really comfortable and happy while meditating.
Switch off the light, put some candles, or, on the contrary, do it at the sunrise with an open window, put some light music (not too loud so that not to be distracted!), or do it in silence, just listening to the nature sounds, sit in a comfortable for you position, put your hands palms up and relax. Imagine how the rays of creative energy enter your palms, go through your body, accumulate in it. Smile. Imagine the things you want to happen, in details, how you will feel doing them, enjoying having them what words you will say, what you want other people to say and how to react. It will make your dreams closer to reality, and, finally, come to it.

For more hints for modern meditation, see the book of Dr. John Grey "The way to make your dreams come true", or check other sources and find your own way. Good luck!

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life

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