28 июл. 2015 г.

Day 26
Day 26
Today's experiment:

There are different ways to feel inner and outer balance, sometimes it's just impossible to draw a line where the outer space stops and starts the inner one. So you, probably, may apply the same methods to maintain them both in harmony and today we will discuss in detail two of them: one inevitable and the other pleasant one!

The first and very simple way to reach inner and outer harmony is cleaning your apartment. While arranging outer space you live in, getting rid of the trash which you have been collecting for a certain period of time you will have enough time to dedicate to thinking, analyzing your situation, focusing on the current probs and their solutions. And, as I hope you remember, throwing trash from your flat you throw away the problems, leaving space for you and new pleasant surprises and achievements.

Second, take care of yourself. No need to be perfectly beautiful but it's important to be well-groomed. Take your time to have a bath with foam bubbles, do a moisturizing mask for your face, have your nails done and feet well-cared. In Ancient Egypt, in Persia, in India, at the French court, the noblest and the most desirable, but what is more important, self-reliant, women cared about every inch of their body because they knew it will be appreciated and will result in their irresistible charm. Maybe it will sound ridiculous to repeat one hundred's time but love starts from yourself and body care is an integral part of the way to self-confidence. When you care about your body, when you give it what it needs, you will feel relaxed and confident about the way you look.

Of course, you will find your own tricks to return yourself to harmony. Anything may be a remedy for you, as we are all different and there is no one single key. Among other tricks: refusing phones, tablets, PCs for a day, working out with pleasure, dealing with animals, for example, a day horse-riding trip, a weekend escape from the city, spending a night dancing and etc.

Try different things and find something that makes you feel calm and pleased.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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