7 июл. 2015 г.

Day 11
Day 11
Today's experiment:

Nowadays it’s popular to talk about a proper organization of the day, so I can't but mention it here. Plans are very important for successful activity and life in general. There are two types of plans that I consider useful to mention and easy to do. 

A sketch week plan - when you divide a page of your notebook into seven days (Saturday and Sunday can share one field) and take down any action, meeting, purchase or an important telephone call you need to do on a particular weekday. It will help you to manage the most important events of your week and distribute them proportionally throughout the week days. On the basis of a sketch week plan you may conclude a plan for tomorrow (the best time to do is the evening on the eve). Here you may put minor details of your day taking into consideration the most important events of the week plan. If you want you may put approximate time for every activity. If you feel tied up and machine-like with scheduling you life by minutes - forget about assigning time.

Don't put too many tasks for one day. If it's obvious at the moment of compiling a plan that you will hardly be able to complete all your tasks the following day, it means that you didn't calculate your time and energy well and, if possible, you should move some tasks to other days. Otherwise you will feel stressed during the day, and unhappy at the end because you wouldn't compete everything you intended to.

At the beginning it may look like a burden, but later on you will find your own way to plan your time and will see how a proper planning of your day increases your productivity and decrease the time you spend on completing the tasks and achieving the aims.  

HERE you may see and download some interesting ideas for planning. 

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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