28 июл. 2015 г.

Day 25

Day 25
Today's experiment:

And again about the importance of time management... Have you ever noticed how much time is wasted on gossips, aimless chatting, complaining, scrolling the pages of social network websites, reading the celebrities news and fashion magazines or peering at the TV screen? Ok, women's life should include a little bit of these doubtful pleasures, but in fact they are our main time consumers, they just boldly steel our time!

If you feel you can't resist doing that, leave it for your relaxation hour (hour! not the whole day!!!). Also, you may enjoy the company of your best friends for this purpose, so, once seeing them enjoy a light chat, gossiping and complaining. But you should definitely try to minimize the time you waste on the above-mentioned (or others, which are your secret pleasures) trifles during a common work day, and you will see how much time you will have to complete the issues that really matters! I mean, those ones which are included in your daily plan.

That’s certainly difficult to be focused just on work issues during the whole 8-hour work day (or even more), but if you can’t resist the above-mentioned time consumers, have them as a reward upon the completion of some piece of work, in case you have no urgent work issues. And set the time for your pleasure: a 10-15-minute coffee break with scrolling Facebook page will be enough, then return to work. Say "No!" to procrastination! If you have some work to do, don’t postpone it, you should finish everything before you indulge yourself with any kind of “reward”.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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