1 июл. 2015 г.

Day 3

Day 3
Today's experiment:

Today we will take up a self-analysis. Fetch your Diary and write in two columns at least 5 positive and 5 negative qualities you possess
First, look at the negative ones. Think of people around you. Do you think they notice them in you? Do you think these features in you irritate them? Would you like to have a friend who possesses the same qualities? A colleague to work with? And, finally, if you know that these qualities are negative, why can't you get rid of them? Starting from today let's try to eradicate your weaknesses one by one. 

Difficult, slowly, but, anyway, let's try.

Now positive features. Do you think people around you notice them and appreciate them in you? Do you use these qualities to help other people and do good? Do you try to develop and polish them? Do you know that these qualities are the thing you can love and respect yourself for? So starting from today you will look at this list from time to time and know that these positive qualities are your treasure.

Please, answer all above questions, they will help to analyze your complicated self and understand yourself better. And keep in mind that you can hardly find a person with the same set of qualities as you possess. Isn't it a good proof of your uniqueness ?

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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