30 июл. 2015 г.

Day 29

Day 29
Today's experiment:

Work done, have your fun! When a fruitful workday is finally over, there is a high time to distance yourself from all the work issues and enjoy your free time (even if it is also planned by minutes!). After work there goes your time, and you cannot complain if it is boring or filled with the same work issues as the first part of the day. Why does that happen that a person goes on thinking about his work even after the work day has officially finished?

First, due to the sensitiveness of the nervous system which gets affected by the problems at work so much that it’s difficult to calm it down. Second, because your mind needs a switch that would mean “The work is over! Freedom starts!”

For this reason, I suggest making a small but very pleasant ritual that will send a message to yourself that your time for rest starts from now on. This trick will draw a border between your work and leisure. You may choose even several ones so that not to have one and the same activity performed every day. Or, you may change it, as soon as you start feeling bored about it.

I will give you some examples of the border ritual: a cup of coffee/tea/ice-cream in a lovely coffee-shop, a 5 minute massage of your feet as soon as you reach home, a relaxing shower, a short telephone call to your friend (experiment 18), or recalling 5 pleasant moments of the day (experiment 13) and etc.

You will notice how it helps to distance yourself from work and relax physically and mentally. It’s like a magic spell to keep away the troubles of the day. The more often you apply this trick the easier it becomes for your mind to make a switch.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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