3 июл. 2015 г.

Day 8
Day 8
Today's experiment:

Physical activity is important not only for making alterations to your body and keeping you fit, but also for maintaining the inner balance. It helps to switch the focus from mental to physical work and vice versa. So taking into consideration its immense importance I advise you to introduce any physical activity to your life if you haven’t done it yet.

Physical activity is not necessarily costly. Of course, it can be expensive if you choose exclusive fitness, lawn tennis or ice-hockey. But you may opt for jogging with your friend or alone listening to your favorite music; take online lessons of fitness, dance or yoga; swim, or cycle around the endless roads of your city. It is high time to try something that you wanted to try from your childhood but have been postponing all the time! Wanted to dance a passionate sexy salsa? Pole dance? Why not!

Any kind of physical activity will give you a splash of energy, will help to relax and you will feel more satisfied with your life.

Choosing a right activity for you, take into consideration your interests and new body missions that you discovered in yesterday's task which are to be resolved. In this way you will satisfy your interests doing something you like and enjoy, your body will benefit too and you will relax and reach the balance.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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