3 июл. 2015 г.

Day 7

Day 7
Today's experiment

Before we have mostly talked about our character traits. Today we will proceed to our body. Take off the clothes and look carefully at yourself in the mirror. Look with love and care, breathe deeply and feel calm. What do you feel? Do you feel comfortable about the way you feel? Do you feel satisfied with the way you look?

Take your Diary and divide the page into two columns. Write what you feel. In one column take down the things you love about yourself, you find them beautiful, charming and attractive. In the second column write what you would like to change and currently not satisfied with. While you take down your notes stay in front of the mirror so that you can look at yourself.

Now look at what you have written. Look at the number of things you found attractive in yourself. Are they numerous? Do you think they are enough for you to love yourself? (Of course, they are!) Do you think they are enough for somebody to find you physically attractive? (Of course, they are!) Should you work harder to increase the number of attractive things in you, to make your body more beautiful? (Of course, you should! You have to - your body is the home of your soul!)

Look at the things you dislike. Now cross out the natural physical peculiarities that you just can’t change, and they can’t be changed by anybody. Gradually you will play with them and make them work for you. Now pay attention to the things that you are not satisfied with and that can and must be changed. Since now each of them is a new mission you are going to complete and succeed in it. Work it out! Don't waste your time! Unhappy about your butt, feet, hair or crooked shoulders? Dedicate one month(or what you consider appropriate) to improve one of them, then, move to another target. You don't know how? Ask professionals, friends, google, at last!  Don't stop working on your body, until you love every single inch of it. 

So, what are we going to start from?
Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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