9 июл. 2015 г.

Day 14
Day 14
Today's experiment:

And now we will practice one more trick which will help to live a more complete life. Most people live for their future. We work to earn money so that to have good holidays, we study so that to get a better job. That works and we may achieve what we want. But a lot of time is wasted into nowhere, and we even can't recall what it was all about.

Every day choose one or two of your routine operations and try to enjoy doing every tiny detail of it. Before we have already discussed that we should try to perform our actions with a top mark, with "excellent", now, gradually, one by one, we will try to carry out everyday operations with love and pleasure. At the beginning it'll be hard enough, but later you'll see the results and the new perception of life they give to you.

 Start from something simple like thoroughly polishing your shoes being grateful for the comfort and elegance they give you, or brushing your teeth as you did in your childhood with care for every tooth. Don't think about anything else, focus on your movements, on the smells and feelings. Feel the moment. 

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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