29 июл. 2015 г.

Day 27

Day 27
Today's experiment:

Whatever you do it’s highly improbable that you can avoid having negative feelings and emotions, which is quite natural to feel. But you should learn to keep them under control and not let them overwhelm you, your actions and lifestyle. 

Think for a moment: what are the things and activities that help you relax after some tense stressful moments, lift your spirits and perk you up?

Well, opinions differ, but you’d better refuse something like eating chocolate uncontrollably, otherwise soon you will face another problem. Think of something that always works to calm you down, releases you from negative emotions and prepares you to let the  positive energy in.

For example, when you feel burning with rage or desperately sad, frustrated and let down, try a ritual of taking a shower. Not just a common shower, but a shower ritual! Staying under water streams, think how they take away all your anger, depression, sadness, disappointment, nervousness. Shake away everything that oppresses you helping yourself with hand movements as if you are scraping off the dirt from your arms, legs, stomach, back and throw it to the sink. Don’t forget to wash your face and hair so that to complete the purification procedure.

Add candles and relaxing music to your taste)

After the ritual of taking a shower you will need something to fill you with positive energy and occupy the emerged space. Meditation will do good for you, as well as escaping the city to be closer to the nature, sitting next to the fire, walking barefoot, talking to inspiring people and etc.

It’s like a law, the law of energy: it should always circulate, there shouldn’t be empty room or energy stagnation. The more energy you use, the more you will receive. You can’t avoid picking up negative energy, but you may drain it off and fill the room with positive energy. Experimenting with different things, find your secret key to shake away stress and charge your natural battery.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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