23 июл. 2015 г.

Day 20
Day 20
Today's experiment:

No matter how we may sometimes love to be alone with nobody bothering you and nosing around, mostly people need to be with somebody to feel loved, secure and happy. Best friends are priceless, but one more thing that we need is new faces in our life.

There is no need in converting perfect strangers in your best friends, but meeting new people, feeling at ease talking to strangers can bring new emotions into your life, color it and develop your communication skills.

Today I offer you to practice talking to strangers. No, you will not try to pick somebody up, you will just develop the feeling of ease asking for information, giving it and just being nice and friendly to others. Starting from now on, try to ask for help if you need it, ask the time, way, location of something, pay compliments and ask a woman the name of the shop where she bought those stunning shoes.

Be friendly and kind if somebody asks you for help, give precise directions if you have time for it, don't be ashamed if somebody pays you a compliment – you should feel natural talking to people.

It will help you to develop your communication skills, feel confident when talking to strangers, talking in public, attracting attention of others and, in general, feel at ease with others and yourself.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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