20 июл. 2015 г.

Day 17

Day 17
Today's experiment:

Everybody needs some time just for themselves. No matter how much you enjoy your work, you need a good rest. And if you don't enjoy it, you need a good rest ten times more. The better you rest, the higher your performance at work is, and your satisfaction with life. So never deprive yourself of a good rest. The problem is that the majority of people don't know how to relax and refresh your energy stores. If you think that you can properly do it roosting as usual on the sofa in front of a TV, the situation really sucks! 

For example, finding an apt hobby will help. Leisure activities should be various to break the monotonous routine: riding a bike, training for a marathon, working out in a gym, taking up dance classes, learning a foreign language, seeing your friends (not chatting with them via internet apps!), cooking, reading, attending professional photography workshops, drawing, learning to play the guitar, writing memoirs, meditating and many-many other things. I don't say it should be something new every evening, but you may definitely find a hobby you like to spend a couple of days a week with pleasure.

If your work is mostly mental, opt for physical activities, if during the day you are moving around non-stop, think of something more static to make your brain work with enjoyment  while the body rests. The balance is in the mixture of physical and mental, where both components are very important and can't be neglected.

For sure having a hobby that makes you learn new things, forget about problems at work, advance your skills, will make you happy, fresh, energetic and you will never lose interest to life.  

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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