5 июл. 2015 г.

Day 9’t-believe-we-can/
Day 9
Today's experiment:

You can't but admit that you feel proud recalling the moments of your success, seeing the  awards you received, even a long time ago, or watch a video with you making a speech in front of a big audience, or just recall your boss's praise.
If you learn to always take into consideration your merits, accept them as a proof of your competency, self-efficiency, charisma and etc., you will feel more experienced, worthy and, consequently, confident and self-reliant.

Think of the big achievements of your life, moments when you were at the top of happiness, you were proud of yourself and people around you acknowledged your success. You worked hard, felt that you did your best and achieved what you strived for. Take down your past and present achievements. Look at the list. Now answer the following questions. Are these moments numerous? Are you satisfied with what you have achieved in your life so far? Do you still feel proud thinking about these moments? Would you like to have more memories of this type? Should you be more courageous, to take more decisive steps on the way to your goals? Yes, yes, yes!

From now on write down every great achievement in your life in your Diary. When you see the results of your work, you see in what direction to move further, you see that you don't live in vain, you develop, you progress. You see that you make difference to this world.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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