29 июл. 2015 г.

Day 28

Day 28
Today's experiment:

Would you agree that when you have a lot of work to do, you work faster, and when you often have to take responsibility, you are no longer afraid of it, and vice versa, when you have a period without work it becomes really difficult to make yourself move and be active at work, hm?

So, this tension of life is essential to work out, preserve and develop your endurance and stamina,prevent you from being stuck and feeling apathy and fatigue to the point you don’t want to do anything.

It means that some occasional exciting, responsible and even stressful events must be present in your life. Looking for safety and security you shouldn’t avoid them. Of course, there is no need to load yourself with a pile of artificially created problems, here we just speak about the following sort of events: exams, trips, interviews, workshops, competitions, important meetings, public speeches, development of new projects – everything that will require from you preparation, taking responsibility, finding new information, learning, doing absolutely new things, and, finally will result in your personal progress.

Don’t hide from the world, face the obstacles, deal with problems and become more experienced and self-confident.

Undertake some challenge right now... and enjoy your life!

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