9 июл. 2015 г.

Day 13
Day 13
Today's experiment:

How often at the end of the day you can hardly recall what you’ve done, what has happened to you, what you’ve been happy about. Consequently, at the end of the week you can hardly answer anything clear if somebody asks you "What's new? What have you been busy with all the week that you never called?". The only thing that usually comes to mind is work, home...

Come on! In a day there are 24 hours, so in a week there are 168 hours, and you can hardly explain to yourself what you have managed to do within all this time! What you have achieved, completed, struggled for, been happy or sad about?! We should change something about it!

From now on at the end of each day you will take your Diary and write down at least 5 positive things this day differs from all others. We will call them little pleasures of the day. For example, some tiny detail that matter just for you like eating ice-cream in the park during your lunch break, or big achievements, further steps on the way to accomplishing your big aims. Do it everyday on paper as long as you need, untill you are able to do it in mind and see the variety your days offer you.

So, at the end of the week you will keep in mind the track of your days and would be able to differentiate between them. There is nothing better than to see that your life is diverse, you are changing, moving forward to your goals, changing for the better and developing your personality. And, besides, you have something to remember.

Download a free printable fot taking down pleasures of the day

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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