2 июл. 2015 г.

Day 4
Day 4
Today's experiment:

And again, about the importance of the motivation for changes. You remember that somebody’s successful model is so tempting to follow. Great! We are going to use it. Think of a person or persons who really inspire you. You have found the right people if after talking to them, learning what they have recently done, what they have achieved and what they are planning to do, you feel as if a stroke of lightning: I also want some action in my life! I can! I will! I want!
So, you can and you will.

Looking for inspiring people try not to concentrate on celebrities, but find such people around you, among your friends, colleagues, teachers, trainers and bosses. When they are closer, you have more chances to talk to them, see how bravely they act, ask for advice and in general, learn and feel charged by their energy.

When you are afraid of doing something, hesitate, feel shy, think as if this person is with you, by your side and together you can do everything.You should act bravely, take decisive steps to succeed as your inspirator has done.

It doesn’t mean you should copy their behavior or try to achieve good results in the field they work in. No. Just when you feel excited after socializing with them, ready to do something new, introduce some changes to your life, try to apply this energy to the fields you are interested in so that to develop in your own unique manner.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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