27 июл. 2015 г.

Day 24
Day 24
Today's experiment:

Do you have a lot of friends or just few ones? Are you happy about it? Do you feel needed? Do you feel helpful to them? Do you feel their support?  There is a thing that can help you to boost the number of friends, be useful and caring and receive the support of others. Connect people! 

It will give you the sense of importance and usefulness of your existence, and enhance your life performance.

If a friend of yours needs advice in house construction and you know a reliable person who works in this sphere - connect them; if your colleague desperately looks for a companion to travel wild to Cambodia and you know somebody who wants to go on an adventurous tour but hasn't decided yet where to go - connect them; if you know somebody keen on fashion whose wardrobe is full of clothes which he/she doesn't wear and other person who collects old clothes for social needs - connect them.

Help people to find each other. You will feel that you make difference to the world, conduct the energy and participate in its circulation. People will be sincerely grateful to you for it and will not hesitate if one day you will need a helping hand.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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