3 июл. 2015 г.

Day 6

Day 6
Today's experiment:

For a moment let’s return to the analysis of your person-inspirator. What are the qualities that you admire in him or her? What are the qualities that you, in general, admire in people? Take your Diary (or do it online in comments), and after a thorough consideration make a list of at least 5 qualities that you appreciate in other people. Do you possess any of them?

Now make a list of qualities that you think other people value in you. Try to find at least 5, but be reasonable, don’t boast of something that you don’t have. Nor be too shy, you should find at least three qualities.

In addition I advise you to talk to your close friends (only really intimate friends, not colleagues) and ask them to make a list of qualities they like in you. It’s better to give them some time to do it, don’t ask them to do it on the spot. They will think properly and give a more reliable answer. You may discover some really pleasant for you things.

Don’t ask to write your negative qualities. You may take offense and the friendship will be in danger. We have already talked about your weaknesses and we will cope with them on our own.

Compare two lists. Are there any qualities in common? Do you feel satisfied with the results? Why not try to develop some qualities they you admire in others? Why not brush up on your strong ones and accentuate them? Why not be more interesting and charismatic?

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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