16 июл. 2015 г.

Day 16

Day 16
Today's experiment:

Do you like when somebody notices how good-looking and charming you are today? And what enchanting perfume you are wearing, or how this new dress fits you making you a queen, or how easily you can solve the task that nobody could handle? You should agree it's very pleasant to know that other people may think well about you. But it is much better to hear it from them. It gives you a push of self-confidence and enthusiasm to be happy, to enjoy what you do and what you are.

So don't deprive other people of such pleasure (besides, it happens so rarely!) and if you really feel like, if you sincerely think that somebody looks or does something great, pay compliments, say it to them. They will be really grateful to you, you will improve their mood. But not only theirs! You will notice how your mood improves and how good you will feel. And it will not take long until compliments start returning to you, of course, from other people which is much more valuable.   

Don't mix sincere compliments with flattering to improve the relations with a person or achieve some goal. They will definitely not make you feel proud of yourself.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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