6 авг. 2015 г.

Day 31

Day 31
Assessment of the results

So, finally! We reached the 31st day of the program! Just one month ago you decided to follow the program, and now you have completed it! So, let’s have a look…

Well, what do you feel? Do you feel more confident, interesting and attractive? Do you feel that you can achieve anything if you aim high and work hard? Did you realize that the way we see things may change a lot? Have you completed everything as it was described? Or did you make some concessions to facilitate the things?))) The answers are just for you, so be sincere.

Anyway, I hope that you can see the results. Positive results. But let’s discuss everything in its order.

There were some experiments which you needed to complete just one time for self-assessment.  But there were some of them which you’d better practice during a longer period of time, or, what is better, convert them into your daily habits.  Here they are:
1. Do your best in anything you do (experiment 5),
2. Introduce regular physical activity to (exp.8),
3. Do weekly and daily planning (exp.11), assess your efficiency,
4. Start your work from the most important mission of the day (exp.12),
5. Write at least 5 pleasures of the day (exp.13),
6. Enjoy performing your daily duties (exp.14),
7. Sleep more (exp.15),
8. Minimize the time you waste (exp.25),
9. Take care of yourself and keep in order your home (exp.26),
10. Perform a “border” ritual (exp.29).
Other experiments you may carry out on an as-needed basis or when you feel like to. For example,
1. Watch an inspirational movie or read a book (exp.2),
2. Get in touch with the person who inspires you (exp.4),
3. Keep a record of your achievements (exp.9),
4. Keep in touch with people who really care about you (exp.10),
5. Pay sincere compliments (exp.16),
6. Take up your inspiring hobby (exp.17),
7. Socialize with different colleagues, friends and relatives (exp.18),
8. Leave your “zone of comfort”(exp.22),
9. Connect people (exp.24),
10. Practice a shower ritual to get rid of stress, anger and apathy (exp.27),
11. Don’t avoid exciting, responsible and stressful events if they lead to your personal development and progress (exp.28),
12. Take up meditation (exp.30).

And never forget to assess the results! It doesn’t matter if it’s just a daily plan, a list of pleasures of the day, weekly plan or your achievements during the month. It’s very important to assess what you have achieved so far, so that to calculate the pace of your further actions, their direction and so on. Moreover, it’s just a pure pleasure to see that your days differ from one another; you progress and get what you want and need from life.

Any time you feel inconvenient with yourself, unconfident  or pessimistic, come back the program and repeat it. The experiments will always be the same, but you are always in the process of development and changes, so you will never get bored.

Never get bored!
And if you do... it’s time for change! 

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