24 июн. 2015 г.

To self-explorers
To self-explorers:

Some psychologists say it's natural for a woman to feel in a wave-like way in terms of her self-confidence: she reaches the top, then goes to the bottom and everything repeats on and on. But my periods at the bottom were too long-running. I just couldn't bear them any longer.
This blog was created by me and for myself during my free minutes at the worktable. Thanks god I can afford this pleasure of writing at work...))) I already feel lucky!

So, what for am I doing that?

My aim was to help me stick to my own one-month program of life changes carefully compiled from all possible sources and experiences and make me complete it, each step, one by one, patiently and thoroughly.

Every day can be a new adventure, new revelation! And I just don't want to waste my time being sad, bored, pessimistic or whatever. 

Let's be brave and make our life colourful! Who will do it if not we ourselves?

If you are eager to try with me, discover something new in your life, get rid of the crap you have been collecting all this time and explore the new facets that life can open up to you, let’s get down to work!

To begin with, all you need is a beautiful notebook, which pleases your eye and begs to be your diary of magic changes, as well as courage to start and stamina to bring the experiment to its end. Results will depend on your determination and diligent work. But anyway, it will be interesting, and, what is more, you will probably feel as high as never before, full of energy to recharge the battery of your life and make it work.

The experiments are better to start in the morning so that you have the whole day for their implementation and consideration. Once started, try not to break the succession of experiments, go on each day. 

Please, ask questions, share your impressions and results in comments, it will help you to keep on the program, me - make some alterations to the daily experiments to make them more useful, and, for sure, motivate others.

Shall we try?

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