26 июн. 2015 г.

Day 1

Day 1
Today's experiment: 

Staying at home, in your comfy room, look around yourself. So, what? Are you satisfied with what you see? Before you start to build up your new self, you must get rid of all junk around you. And do it quickly and with pleasure. How? 
For now it is enough to set the alarm clock for a certain time (in 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the size of your property), and within this limited time take a walk around your flat with a big box or a garbage bag, throwing away all the things that have never been used, are not being used or will never be used later, and it is time to send them all far away not to occupy the room in your house that could be used for you or the things that make you happy. If you look at something and do not know what to use it for - send it to the box! 

For more tips how to do it go for the books of the fly-lady Marla Cilley and her Fly lady school

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your life!

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